Tempest Sportfishing

Fishing Reports for 6/22 & 6/23/13

Saturday was just about as pretty as predicted; albeit there were a few cells moving through, one of which dumped a fair amount of water on us in short order.

Not too long after the tap had been opened up pretty wide, Whitey decided to come up and play.

It came up on a short rigger which had a Pakula running on #50 class line which was primarily intended for blue ones.

My buddy Bart Smith artfully fed it a dink bait on a 2 speed TLD loaded with 30# class Ande Tournament and it was 'game on'!

It put on a great show with a half dozen plus leaps to include long runs, sounding, charging the boat and a fair amount of backing down on the rascal.

Alas, after 20+ minutes we had it maybe 30 feet from the boat with the leader perhaps still 10 feet away when the hook pulled. Ah well, regardless, it was great stuff! wtg

A short while later we had one that might have been twice as big come up and destroy every bait in the spread to include 5 dink baits and two Pakulas and we could not get a hook stuck in the rascal to save our butts! And the Pakulas were each sporting 2 hooks offset 90 degrees. The amount of time and its antics while attacking the baits was a show worth seeing of and by itself. The darn thing must have hit the port side Pakula a half a dozen times and somehow managed to avoid getting a face full of hooks!

A little later we had a 3rd fish come up on the same short rigger bait and tried to absolutely destroy it. Not sure, but it may have been a blue one.

Anyway, it came tight for a bit, but managed to throw the hook in short order. Grrrrr ..... lol

We did manage to pick up a few dolphin. I put one of the crew to work grabbing some video of Bart's first rate gaffing form as you can see from the following link.


Sunday, was one of those slow days where all we managed were a few mahi as we fished south and the billfish had moved north.

To add insult to injury, we spent the bulk of the day being forced to stay away from the deep by cells with a whole lot of red in them.

Ah well, there's always next time; hopefully, sometime shortly after the 4th!